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On this page, you can find script projects that I’m currently working on, that are available to option, or that I’m able to publish here on my website.

Let yourself be inspired by my worlds, stories, and sometimes weird characters.


witch heart logo

“Only empathy can save them”

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Action, Drama

Logline: After a young soft-hearted woman discovers that she’s the most powerful of all empath witches, she lands in the underground world of illegal witches and needs to find out who to trust while hunted by the government.

Available: pilot script (60 pages)

Otter Town

“Come for the otters, but stay forever.”

Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Fantasy

Logline: Trapped in a cursed small town, a charming thief finds himself entangled with the local cynical detective and the only thing they have in common is they both have to escape.

Available: pilot script (46 pages)

Success: “Tableread my Screenplay – Austin” – Finalist (2021)

Watch Keepers Header

“Watch out, bad guys. A new team is in the city.”

Genre: Animated, Fantasy, Action, Crime

Logline: In a future that blends sci-fi and mythology; a reckless captain of the Watchkeepers, an independent intelligence agency, must confront her past to stop a phantom serial killer.

Available: pilot script (39pages)

This idea is also available as a game proposal and might be interesting for a comic book series.


Reaper Lore

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Action

Logline: When the reaper-witch Aurora investigates the vanishing souls, she not only finds herself thrown into an ancient conspiracy but also needs to face the murderer of her sister.

Available: Script for Issue 1 “The Stolen Souls”



SELENOPHILIA, (n) loving the moon and finding it soothingly captivating.

Genre: Fairytale, Drama

Logline: To escape a forced marriage, a young Indian princess seeks help from the moon.

Read the story here.

fairytale header

Genre: Fairytale, Horror, Drama, Action

Logline: Based on the famous fairytale “Red Riding Hood” by Brothers Grimm, a little joyful girl wants to bring medicine to her grandfather but meets her very own big bad wolf that will end her life, but leave her with the urge for revenge.

Read the story here.

sarah survived, suspense, drama

Genre: Drama, Suspense

Logline: A newly-wed woman wakes up in the jungle beside her husband’s bloodied corpse, and as she tries to piece together what happened, she becomes the hunted.

Note: This script was written during the New York Midnight Screenwriting Challenge in November 2020. The assignment was following: Suspense, lifeboat, a jungle

Read the story here.

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