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Darkwing Duck
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I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the writer that creates stories that entertain your day!

Jule is a German-English writer, storyteller and fangirl with a sarcastic sense of humour and a nostalgic obsession for Darkwing Duck, a 90s cartoon show.

But if she needs to choose one way of storytelling, she would say: Screenwriting, fuck yeah! That’s the real deal!

Her works include original TV series like “Witch Heart“ which is a fantasy-action show that roots its magic in embracing empathy and deals with friendship, betrayal, and racism. But also features like “Manifest Love”, a rom-com based around the idea that you can manifest your dream partner into your life. 

English Stories


Jule loves visual storytelling and bringing great stories to the screen.

Especially if it has anything to do with a fantastical world, complicated characters, and a wicked sense of humour, then she’s all for it.

If you want to know more about her screenplays, follow this very cool and mysterious link.


Jule also publishes articles on Vocal Media.

To be honest, it’s mostly her fangirling about tv shows, characters, or other things, but sometimes there are also little bits and pieces of wisdom and “lesson learned”s.


Currently, Jule works on her adventure-fairytale story “Die drei Mythengetiere” (The Three Mythgeteers) which is a story about the big bad wolf, the Norse death goddess, and a Japanese fox demon who need to save their magical world of myths and fairytales.

If you’re interested, you can find her German stories and books here.

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