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I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am a writer that creates stories that entertain your day!”

Jule is a German-English storyteller who grew up in a small town in Bavaria, close to the beautiful Alps and the loud “MOO”s of cows … No, she’s not Heidi! And she also isn’t the woman from “Sound of Music”. But she would love to be like “Darkwing Duck“, her favourite 90s superhero.

Even in her early years, while other girls were playing with Barbie dolls, hoping to be princesses, Jule wanted to be an adventurer! Like Indiana Jones, she wanted to swing with a whip through secret caves, discover ancient treasures, and fight bad guys. 

But before she decided to go into storytelling and writing, Jule discovered drawing and animating. She went to Munich to study “Film and Animation” at SAE Institute. After her Bachelor of Arts degree, she worked as a Motion Designer and Editor in a small company that provided E-Learnings.

After 3,5 years of working on her animation skills and craft, she decided to quit and move to Canada for two years.

In Vancouver, she studied “Writing for Film, TV, and Games” at the Vancouver Film School while self-publishing her first German fantasy book based on Greek mythology.  

In 2020, she came back to Germany and started to work on her screenwriting craft while experimenting with other storytelling mediums, like podcasts or audio plays. Her curiosity has been leading her to weird corners of the storytelling world, but she has loved every minute of it.

“I want to see more action comedies with women in the lead!”

Jule loves to write action and adventure stories with complex heroes, witty dialogues, and a pinch of comedy. But in the core of her stories, you can always find themes about loneliness, belonging, family, and what it means to be a strong woman in a world dominated by men.  

A central theme in her stories is always “outsiders become a family”, but she also likes to tackle themes of loneliness, grief, feminism, and female friendship. Also, she always seems to find herself entangled in stories about monsters and cynical female leads, but with a grain of empathy on top.

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