Comics: Friendship Goodies

Friendship comics

There’s nothing more precious and better in life than to have great friends. I always feel very lucky and grateful that I have these two amazing women in my life who constantly support me and make me laugh.

That’s why these three comics are so special to me.

Distance means nothing…

… with the right motivation. Am I right? Especially if we’re talking about THIS!

Whatever it takes!

Falling asleep …

This actually isn’t a conversation that happened. But I just thought it’s hilarious when Jenny told me about what she likes to listen to while falling asleep.

And yes, it didn’t surprise me at all. 😀

The Huntress

My other close friend is a real foodie and loves to cook. I love that because I’m often the one who benefits from this. But she’s also extremely giving and occasionally she even goes for a hunt.

This happened when we still lived together. Man, I LOVE these huge Brezels. They’re the best. Like my friends. 😉

Hope you enjoyed this little compilation of random comics with my friends. I’m sure there’ll be more to come. With these two there’s always stuff happening.

Until then, keep creating and embrace your weird!


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