Sarah Survived

I really like the New York Midnight Screenwriting Challenge. You mostly have two days to write a 5 page script with a specific assignment.

Surviving the Screenwriting Challenge

So far it’s always been a challenge because mostly I get genres I’m not good at. Like this time: Suspense!?

Uurgh … really?

Normally, I don’t write drama or suspense. That’s just not my jam. I’m a fantasy, comedy, adventure kind of writer. So, when I got this assignment, I panicked and googled frantically for what kind of suspense movies I know and what this even means.

Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out a story … about what?

What the fuck happens in a jungle?

But when the script turned out quite good, I was really surprised about myself. Ha, look at that.

READ THE STORY about a newly-wed woman facing her fears and trying to survive in the jungle, HERE.

Surviving green, jumping Things aka “Fun Fact”

My “jungle” research for the story took me half of a day and I was so fascinated with the Amazonian jungle that I want to go there now!

Even though there are a lot of frogs … and I’m absolutely scarred of them. But you need to face your fears, right? RIGHT?!

If you’re interested in reading more short scripts or checking out my scripts, just follow this mysterious link.

I also write in German and already published a book. If that’s more your jam, just follow this lovely German link to my “Bücherwelt“.

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