Comic: “The (God)Child”

webcomic godchild

Woo! Wooo! It’s Christmas time!

I’m so excited this year! (Just in case you couldn’t tell … :D)

The reason for my newly awaken Christmas spirit isn’t just because I transformed from the Grinch to a true Christmas fangirl, but also – thanks to COVID-19 – that I don’t need to see my weird, sexist, racist, annoying relatives that always ask the same questions:

Do you have a partner yet? Why aren’t you married? Why don’t you get yourself a normal job? How can you live from writing? Did you gain weight? Did you loose weight? Another tattoo!?

What a jolly good time!

But to be honest, I’m actually a bit sad I don’t meet them. Well, not all of them.

Because this year I had a perfect plan for their annoying questions about my love life status:

I really hope they’ll ask me.

Is it true though? Am I a (not so) fairy godmother?

Yes, I am indeed the godmother of this little bugger who’s the son of my best friend. I also secretly delivered little Grogu to her using public transportation, while infused with paranoia that at any point someone could steal him from me.

After that nerve-wrecking journey, I totally get how Din’s feeling.

But I mean …. look at him!


Now, excuse me while I keep “aaaaw”-ing at Grogu.

Btw, have you ever wondered how to greet people properly?

Don’t worry. I got you. I made another comic about it that you can read HERE.

Until then, stay nerdy and keep creating!


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