Comic: “How to greet”

Yes, you read correctly! There’s a right way to “how to greet properly”. Or let’s say … there are four ways how I greet different kinds of people.

I mean, isn’t it weird what kind of behaviours we humans develop? Who told us that we need to shake hands to introduce ourselves? Why don’t we just head-bump each other? … yeah, okay, that would probably hurt too much.

Or why is it more common in eastern cultures to bow down than to shake hands?

If you’re wondering, YES. My brothers and me do greet each other like that.


I have no fucking clue.

I’m not even sure who started it. Probably Nils, the youngest one. He does these kind of things… and we just go with it. 😀

The History behind the Handshake

Did you know that the handshake was a way of showing your peaceful intentions? Because if you would extend your empty right hand, people would see that you’re unarmed.

Also it seems that grasping hands would mean that you’re someone who keeps their word. You would “hold onto” it. It was a sign of trust, as well.

“An agreement can be expressed quickly and clearly in words,” the historian Walter Burkert once explained, “but is only made effective by a ritual gesture: open, weaponless hands stretched out toward one another, grasping each other in a mutual handshake.”


Yes, I did a little research because after that comic I was wondering why we do that. 😀 But now we know!

Interesting, isn’t it?

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